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There's Something in the Barn - 4K (MA/Vudu)

There's Something in the Barn - 4K (MA/Vudu)

With ambitious plans to open a bed-and-breakfast, Bill and his family relocate from sunny California to snowy Norway to live the Norwegian Dream. But there's more to Uncle Eric's house than meets the eye. After all, the locals never believed the eccentric recluse died from a fall. To further complicate matters, as if trying to stay positive and make things happen weren't challenging enough, the blissful newcomers encounter what people call a "nisse", an outlandish discovery just before Christmas Eve. Logic denies it, but there's something in the barn. And, strange as it may sound, some houses come with instructions. If your life depended on it, wouldn't you follow three simple rules?

Only Redeems at Movies Anywhere (RATED R)

Director: Magnus Martens
Writers: Aleksander Kirkwood Brown, Josh Epstein, Kyle Rideout, Josh Epstein, Aleksander Kirkwood Brown
Cast: Martin Starr, Amrita Acharia, Kiran Shah, Townes Bunner, Zoe Winther-Hansen, Calle Hellevang Larsen, Henriette Steenstrup, Jeppe Beck Laursen, Eldar Vågan, Marianne Jonger, Claire Dore, Dominyka Vaicekausakaité, Paul Monaghan, Stijn Keuleers, Andrius Kasiulionis, Valentinas Rizgelis, Alexander Karlsen El Younoussi, Loreta Palionyte, Viktorija Varfolomejeva, Marius Motiejunas