Redemption instructions for GP Movies

     To redeem Google Play movies found in the clearance section, please use the guide below. 

    If you have access to a desktop/laptop, please use this to redeem as it is far easier than dealing with mobile devices. To redeem, simply copy the code and click the download button to have the movie added to your GP account. 

    If using your mobile device, it is still possible, but you will first need to turn the "location" off on your mobile before clicking on the links I provide. You will need to redeem through the internet via the links provided, not through your google play account. My links MUST be used to redeem. There is no other way. 

    If you have issues redeeming on your mobile device. Please make sure the location is off and restart your device. When your phone boots back up, check that the location is still off, copy the code and click the download button to take you to google play via the internet to redeem the movie(s). This should solve all issues. IF you continue to have problems, feel free to email me: