Redemption Info

Please redeem your movie at the link provided in your order email only.

Your purchase entitles you to only one redemption. All codes are tracked, and if you redeem the movie more than once, you will be required to pay for the portion you were not authorized to take. This includes movies redeemed in Movies Anywhere for redemptions outside my links.  Failure to follow the instructions included in your order email may lead to being permanently banned from making future purchases.

We cannot be held liable for codes that are burnt or downgraded because you failed to follow the instructions laid out in this email.

If a link takes you to Vudu, and you choose to redeem the movie in Movies Anywhere instead, you will be required to pay for the portion of the movie I can no longer sell. ALWAYS use my links! They are safe and you will always be safe using them!

Please do not use your mobile device to redeem movies unless on a stable WIFI connection. Vudu has a tendency to burn valid codes if there are any (even minor) disruptions in service. Using your PC is always best, but not required if the above conditions can be ensured.

I-Tunes: please copy the code and paste it directly in your I-Tunes account. If you still need help, please click this link for detailed instructions on how to receive your code(s).

***For I-Tunes purchases: If purchasing I-Tunes codes, you must redeem these directly in I-Tunes. Redemption any other way may result in additional charges. If you have issues redeeming the code in I-Tunes, please respond to this email, and I will get back to you ASAP.

Pre-orders: The initial order email will not have a code in your initial delivery email. This email is simply sent out as a courtesy to ensure I have your correct information on file. Once the code is in hand (deliverable on or around the date shown on the website), this email will be resent with the code attached to it. The link will also be reset if applicable.

4K UHD: 4K codes MUST be redeemed through the links provided. Some redemptions through Vudu directly, WILL NOT redeem UHD. Some codes redeemed have not been upgraded yet on Vudu. When Vudu allows for that movie to be displayed in UHD, the code will automatically convert to UHD on VUDU. You must also have 4k settings on your system to view the movies in 4k, or they will automatically convert to HD only.