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Land of Mine - HD (MA/Vudu)

Land of Mine - HD (MA/Vudu)

In post-World War II Denmark, the Danish government puts their hated German prisoners of war to work clearing the 1.5 million landmines from the western beaches of the country. At one such beach, Sgt. Carl Leopold Rasmussen finds himself in charge of one such labor unit and finds they are largely all inexperienced boys. As the boys struggle to complete and survive their dangerous work, Sgt. Rasmussen's hate for Germans gradually cools as he grows to understand the horrific situation these child soldiers are in even as the mines claim more and more victims.

Only Redeems at Movies Anywhere (RATED R)

Director: Martin Zandvliet
Writers: Martin Zandvliet
Cast: Roland Møller, Louis Hofmann, Joel Basman, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard, Laura Bro, Zoe Zandvliet, Mads Riisom, Oskar Bökelmann, Emil Belton, Oskar Belton, Leon Seidel, Karl Alexander Seidel, Max Beck, August Carter, Tim Bülow, Alexander Rasch, Julius Kochinke, Aaron Koszuta, Levin Henning, Michael Asmussen