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Knox Goes Away HD - (Vudu)

When a contract killer is diagnosed with a fast-moving form of dementia, he is presented with the opportunity to redeem himself by saving the life of his estranged adult son. To do this, he must race against the police closing in on him, as well as the ticking clock of his own rapidly-deteriorating mind.

Redeems at www.movieredeem.com (RATED R)

Director: Michael Keaton
Writers: Gregory Poirier
Cast: Michael Keaton, Ray McKinnon, Cassie Moronez, Paul Perri, Joanna Kulig, Edwin Garcia II, Nicole Reddinger, Suzy Nakamura, John Hoogenakker, Dennis Dugan, Kristofer Gordon, James Marsden, Charles Bisset, Jimmy Ortega, Lela Loren, Jay Paulson, Sasha Neboga, Al Pacino, Martin Garcia, Benita Krista Nall