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House Party 2023 - 4K (MA/Vudu)
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House Party 2023 - 4K (MA/Vudu)

When a pair of down on their luck house cleaners discover they're assigned to clean the mansion of Lebron James while he's overseas, they decide to make a life changing decision to throw a giant party in a quest for immortality and some cash. As the party gets out of control and one of Lebron's championship rings goes missing, they will be launched into a wild night that they will never forget.

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Director: Calmatic
Writers: Jamal Olori, Stephen Glover
Cast: Jacob Latimore, Tosin Cole, Karen Obilom, D.C. Young Fly, Shakira Ja'nai Paye, Melvin Gregg, Allen Maldonado, Rotimi, Kid Cudi, Mya, Irie Soule, Tamera Kissen, Andrew Santino, Chinedu Unaka, Jamar Malachi Neighbors, Teddy Ray, Zeus Ley, Bill Bellamy, Nakia Burrise, Renata Walsh