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Gone are the Days - HD (Vudu)

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    In the waning days of the Old West, an aged outlaw, Taylon, wastes away on his neglected ranch, one foot in the grave. Surviving on whiskey and heroin cough serum, his condition steadily worsens. He enlists Virgil, his partner in crime, to undertake a fateful journey to right some wrongs. Unable to reconcile the man he was to what he has become, Taylon is determined to go out with his boots on, guns blazing. However, one task remains before Taylon can complete his pilgrimage; a bittersweet attempt at reconciliation with a daughter, Heidi, who doesn't know their true relationship. Forced to abandon her as an infant due to his outlaw ways, Taylon is shocked to find that she has been forced into prostitution by Jaden, the ruthless boss of a dying mining town. Faced with the physical limitations of his old age and illness, Taylon must summon the inner demons he purged long ago in order to save his estranged daughter from her sordid life and still fulfill his dying wish. However, Taylon's nemesis, Legendary Texas Ranger, Will McMullen, is hot on their trail with a much different plan. GONE ARE THE DAYS is a film where Unforgiven meets Lonesome Dove in this classical western at the turn of the century.