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Damaged - HD (Vudu)

Damaged - HD (Vudu)

Follows a Chicago investigator who travels to Scotland after a new serial killer commits crimes that match those that he looked into five years previously, one of which was the scene of his slain girlfriend's death.

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Director: Terry McDonough
Writers: Paul Aniello, Gianni Capaldi, Koji Steven Sakai, Gianni Capaldi, Paul Aniello
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Vincent Cassel, Gianni Capaldi, Kate Dickie, John Hannah, Laura Haddock, Brian McCardie, Elaine C. Smith, Brian Pettifer, Robert Jack, John Arnold, Dylan Blore, Samantha Coughlan, Elizabeth Rose Ewing, Emma Findlay, Michael Guest, Mark Holden, Sureni Kay, Paul McCole, Natalie Mcconnon