Important Information

    NOTICE: If you are checking out with an active VPN/PROXY server. Please disconnect your server before checking out. Failure to disconnect the server will result in the order being automatically cancelled, because my fraud detection service will be unable to verify your identity. If you do not use one, please disregard this notice. 

    REDEMPTION: Redemption of HD movies must be done directly through I-tunes/ Vudu/Google Play. DO NOT REDEEM these movies in Doing this will burn the full code. Redeeming through I-Tunes/Vudu/GP will still allow you to access your movies on each of your devices because you are already connected to Movies Anywhere. But DO NOT redeem them there. If you burn a code because of failing to adhere to this warning, you will be expected to pay for the unusable side. This applies to HD movies only.

    Redeem I-Tunes in I-Tunes and UV in Vudu Only. Purchasing the I-tunes copy DOES NOT grant you permission to redeem the UV portion and vise versa! Redeeming more than paid for, will require you to reimburse me for the portion I can no longer sell. 

    Simply having your I-Tunes/Vudu/GP/Amazon, etc accounts linked to Movies Anywhere is good enough! Redeeming movies in the format paid for WILL port to all of your accounts through the MA linkage. Movies DO NOT need to be redeemed in MA to take advantage of the porting. Example: I-Tunes movie purchased, redeemed in I-Tunes, will port to Vudu. (Paramount and Lionsgate studios are not connected to MA yet, but the merge is expected to happen soon.)

DELIVERY: Hotmail/Outlook/AOL users are having issues receiving the delivery email. Outlook and AOL are both blocking my emails from view. Hotmail users can log directly into hotmail to see my emails. Use of alternate emails (Gmail or Yahoo) are preferred for the fastest delivery.