Important Information

    NOTICE: If you are checking out with an active VPN/PROXY server. Please disconnect your server before checking out. Failure to disconnect the server will result in the order being cancelled, because my fraud detection service will be unable to verify your identity. 

    ****Cancelling the order no longer triggers an immediate refund. Funds will linger in an "authorized" status ("Pending") for up to 7 days before being made available to you again. Despite the lingering status, you still have access to your funds as nothing has been taken from you.

    If you do not use a VPN, please disregard this notice. 

    PURCHASING: Purchasing movies that are labelled "(IT)", "(I-Tunes)" or "(I-Tunes 4k)" may upgrade to 4k only in I-Tunes and on designated Apple devices. This in no way guarantees the purchased title redeems in 4k on all or non-designated devices. If the title is listed as "4K", it is done so at the best of my knowledge and should upgrade as long as the previous conditions are applied. I cannot guarantee this will always be the case. 


    REDEMPTIONDO NOT REDEEM these movies in unless my links take you there. If my links take you to MA for redemption, then you are safe. If it takes you to Vudu and you redeem it in MA instead, you will be required to pay for the portion of the movie I can no longer sell as redeeming an unauthorized movie in MA will burn the full code.

    Movie studios safe to redeem in MA: All Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony and Fox. Some Universal are safe, but most are not. Follow my links. You will always be safe using them! 

    Purchasing codes that have "(IT)" following the titles are I-Tunes only movies. You MUST redeem these in I-Tunes only. Redeeming the UV portion, will result in further charges. 

    If you redeem a movie incorrectly (outside my links) OR redeem more than paid for, you will be expected to make right. Failure to make right, will result in a permanent ban from purchasing on my site and forfeiture of any rewards balances. 


DELIVERY: Hotmail/Outlook/AOL users are having issues receiving the delivery email. Outlook and AOL are both blocking my emails from view. Hotmail users can log directly into hotmail to see my emails. Use of alternate emails (Gmail or Yahoo) are preferred for the fastest delivery.