Welcome! You now have a place to buy Digital Codes for your Fandango, Google Play, Movies Anywhere, Vudu or ITunes accounts. Digital Codes are just that, one-time use codes that allow you to watch a movie online through any of the platforms listed above. Once these movies are purchased, they are yours forever! There is no fees to join or use any of these services and you can watch your movies from anywhere with an internet connection! There is no physical disc included for the titles selected. Once purchase is complete, delivery is Instantaneous!

    I do my best to ensure your experience is satisfactory. It is my goal to keep you as a customer. If there is anything you feel I am missing, or could better your experience, please let me know. 

    This is a basic run down of terms used on this site: 

    MA = Movies Anywhere

    SD = Standard Definition (equivalent to that of a DVD) = 720 Pixels

    HD = High Definition (Equivalent to that of a Blu-Ray) = 1080 Pixels

    HD4K = Ultra High Definition = 4,000 pixels. 

   (IT) or I-Tunes = A Delivery system to view your movies on Apple devices. 

    DMR = Disney Movie Rewards

    XML = This is a backdoor program/codes for I-Tunes users to allow you to redeem a movie that would normally require a disc. 

    (GP) or Google Play = Codes that will only redeem through Google Play. Some codes will redeem through Google Play if desired, but some codes are redemption specific and will only redeem through Google Play. These are labelled with (GP) next to the titles. 

    Pre-order = This is essentially a reservation for a guaranteed copy of the movie once it is in stock. It will be delivered on or before the date published in the individual listing. 

    All codes have been tested and proven to work. Most of my UV codes are redeemed directly through VUDU or Movies Anywhere. However, there are a few that must be redeemed through their official websites first.

    Looking for a movie, that I don't have yet? Bookmark my page and check back often! Inventory is added daily, but generally with limited quantities. These movies are available only on a first come first serve basis. Check out the "Newly Added" tab for movies recently added (Located at the bottom of the Home page).

    (Also check out my facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/DigitalMoviesNow/  I announce when new and pre-releases are live on the site. I also announce periodic sales and other important or interesting information.) 

     I only accept Credit Cards for payment. 

     If you use a VPN/Proxy, please make sure you are logged out prior to placing the order. If you are still logged in, the order will be sent to manual review status and not instantly delivered. Generally orders placed behind these services are seen in a bad light as it masks your Identity. These type of orders are generally cancelled for safety. 

     Once payment is received, the code(s) is/are instantly sent to you via the email address you put in during checkout. Please ensure this information is accurate for the timely delivery of your codes.

     In order to give you the best prices, I have to sell both sides of the code. Please only redeem the portion paid for. If you redeem both the I-Tunes and UV portion, and only pay for one of the two, you will be expected to purchase the other half. Failure to make right, will result in a permanent ban from my site. Thanks for understanding! 

Hours of operation:

Ordering: Mon-Sun: Open

Problems/inquiries: Due to higher demand for evening hours, I will be online from 5:00 PM - 7:00 AM PST, Monday - Sunday. 

Problems with orders will be fixed as quickly as possible and hold top priority over other business functions. I will do my best to resolve matters as soon as physically possible. In the event I am offline/Sleeping, thank you in advance for your patience! 

Contact email: digitalmoviesnow@yahoo.com