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Nurse Jackie Season 6 - SD (Vudu)
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Nurse Jackie Season 6 - SD (Vudu)

     Season 6 begins with Jackie (Edie Falco) using drugs again, but she covers it up by attending NA meetings and regularly going to the gym. Unfortunately, the gym visits are a cover to score more pills that she gets from a locker-room towel girl. But Jackie isn't the only one using. Grace (Ruby Jerins), who now lives with her dad Kevin (Dominic Fumusa), secretly experiments with drugs and gets arrested for shoplifting. If that isn't enough to send Jackie over the edge, she is shocked to learn that Kevin is getting married, and that Frank (Adam Ferrara), who is unaware she is using again, wants to move in with her. One bright spot for Jackie is Antoinette (Julie White), an outspoken woman she meets at a 12-step meeting, who agrees to be Jackie's new sponsor.