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1. What is XML? Click here first if new to XML.

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    XML is a work around that tricks your computer into having a disc in the drive when it doesn't. XML codes will redeem SD in I-Tunes, but most I-Tunes users don't mind the downgrade as it compares to HD on Vudu and Fandango.

    If you are new to XML as an option for expanding your I-Tunes library, please watch the video included in this description. At the end of the video, please click on the "show more" button under the actual You tube video here. This will give you the links needed to download the required files in order to trick your computer and accept the codes. 

    Some XML codes still have active UV portions. If you redeem the UV portion and only pay for the XML, you will be required to pay for the UV portion. Failure to make right, will lead to a permanent ban on my website.

    Please be advised, I am doing my best to only keep stock of movies that work, but It is impossible to verify them, until they are redeemed. If you experience a code that fails, please tell me what the reason was for the failure i.e. Invalid, Expired, or Already Redeemed. This information will help keep the selection up to date and assist with providing a better service in the future. Thanks!

    *This listing is for instructional purposes only and does not include a movie.

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