Welcome UltraCloudHD Customers

Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to our new and improved website.  www.digital-movies-now.com

Customers who visit UltraCloudHD will be routed directly to our new site automatically.  Same owners, same service, better prices, and improved selection.  Please check back often as we will continue to add more titles in the coming weeks.

Why did we change our website?

We wanted to create an improved end user experience for our customers and decided to consolidate our two websites down to single source.  Digital Movies Now offered more flexibility for us to service our customers.  Plus, it lowered our overall cost of doing business allowing us to offer more competitive prices to you.

Please create a new account!

Please make sure to sign up for a new account.  Your log in credentials from UltraCloudHD will not automatically transfer over, however, we do have record of your order history and we are working on loading any existing store credit from UltraCloudHD.

In Store Credit

Use of store credit is different here than in the previous website. If you have available store credit we will work on transferring it over to your new account once your account is created.  This is a manual process so please allow us time to load this information.  Rest assured that your existing store credit will be loaded in a timely manner.  Within your account, simply click on the button and apply any or all of your store credit towards your order, prior to checking out. The option to use store credit won't appear later on and must be selected from your account first.


So what has changed?

  • The graphical user interface has been given a sleeker design to create an improved end user experience
  • A brand new Instant Delivery system has been implemented that is more responsive and robust
  • Retrieval of codes in your delivery email is simplified with a “CLICK HERE’ button approach and we’ve included built in links for where to redeem your movies
  • All movies have a Streaming Banner at the top of the title to make it easy to identify the format you are purchasing
  • Search functions have been enhanced to produce a much more reliable outcome to help you find what you are looking for
  • 4K Ultra High Definition titles are clearly labelled with a banner image
  • High definition movie poster artwork is being updated daily
  • Frequently bought together titles are added to the product view