Google Play Info

    This section is for Google Play codes that redeems in Google Play a specific way. Please follow the instructions below. If done correctly, it will work in ALL country’s Google Play accounts. No VPN required. If the title does not specifically say in its respective description, expect that it Does NOT port to Movies Anywhere/Vudu/iTunes, etc. It still may, but expect to watch the movie/show in Google Play (Google Play/Google TV/YouTube) only.

    To redeem from a Computer: Please copy the code from your delivery email, and click on the "Redeem movie here". This will take you to Google Play. The Redeem button is on the lower left of that page. Paste the code in the box that appears and the movie will redeem into you google Play account. Exit out of that screen.

     To redeem from a mobile device: Turn the "location" off for your phone. Then restart your device. From the delivery email, copy the code and click the link that accompanies it to take you to Google Play. (do not use your google play account to redeem. This must be done from my links only or you will receive a "not for your country, error".) The redeem button is in the dropdown from the top. Paste the code and the movie should redeem without any issues. Exit out of that screen.