Disney Movie Rewards. Points Only. NO MOVIE INCLUDED.

Your Disney account will only credit 1 of each of the same title variation. Example: Captain America Civil War 100 Points, 150 points, & 200 Points. So if you have one and not the other, you can redeem the one(s) you don't have. Canadian DMR also redeem in US accounts as a separate Variation.

Your Account will say the title plus DVD/Blu-ray/3D Blu-ray or 4K. In most cases, the following applies: 

DVD = 75-100 points

Blu-ray = 150 points

3D/4k = 200 points

There are multiple variations of some movies. Just because you have Lion King in your account, doesn't mean all codes for it will fail. Each variation for movies, will redeem points. Your best bet is to check your DMR account and notate which variations you have. Most movies have 2 or more variations (DVD or Blu-ray). But there are also Versions/Editions that redeem separately. Example: Diamond edition vs signature edition. Or 25th Anniversary edition vs 30th anniversary edition, etc. 

Confused yet? If you have questions, please email me. :)

Only 10 codes can be added to your DMR account per 24 hours. 

For you hardcore DMR junkies out there, Spend $20 on DMR only, and receive 10% off. (Only works if you have a minimum of $20 worth of DMR in your cart. Does not apply to other movies.) Use code: 20DMR10 during checkout.